This is Bret Ridgway. I’ve had the
privilege of attending several Internet
Marketing Conferences around the country
in the last seven years.

Outstanding events from excellent
marketers such as Armand Morin, Carl
Galletti, Michael Penland, Ron LeGrand,
Fred Gleeck, Ted Ciuba and Jonathan

     If you haven’t been to any events like this just do it.  The information shared and the networking among the participants and speakers alike has made every single event worthwhile.

     And even though these conferences are about Internet Marketing, the hottest items at these conferences really arent specifically about internet marketing at all. No, the hottest items are usually the classic books on copywriting that are available in the back of the room from us here at Speaker Fulfillment Services! 

Copywriting Classics Quick Tips

     Speaker after speaker emphasizes repeatedly the success of a website relates directly to the quality of the sales copy   and how great copy applies as much to the internet as it does to direct mail.

     And where did these speakers learn how to write sales copy? They learned their craft from the men that helped develop and refine advertising decades before the Internet ever existed.

     Men like Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Robert Collier, Rosser Reeves, David Ogilvy, John Kennedy, E. Haldeman-Julius and Clyde Bedell. And the resources the speakers use to supercharge their own sales copy for their websites are the same resources that are available to you also.

     Why even the speakers at the conference were snapping up the books at the back of the room! Theyre always looking for additional resources to help them write quality copy and they know the classic materials from the old masters is time tested and proven.

     Heres an example we recently came across a forty year old course titled How to Convert White Space into Advertising that Sells. This is a 15 part series of oversized training booklets by Clyde Bedell, one of the old masters. We took this course out to a conference in Boulder to introduce it to the attendees and it was flying off the table like crazy! Over 20% of the people in the room invested in this course including several of the speakers. But that wasnt all they were picking up.

Nobody has more quality, hard-to-find, direct marketing books and training materials than Speaker Fulfillment Services. The first time I saw their site, I bought everything I could! You just cant get most of this stuff anywhere else! Its my secret weapon.
Jonathan Mizel, Cyberwave Media

     The Bedell package wasnt all that people were grabbing up. Books from Claude Hopkins, John Caples, and Robert Collier were also highly prized acquisitions. Now you can acquire these same classics for your resource library and put more zip into your sales copy.


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