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This collection of resource articles is provided by Info Product Sites to help you in your on-line and off-line marketing efforts.  Select from the categories below for a listing by title and author of the articles available related to that topic.

Affiliate Programs

3 Ways to STOP Affiliate Link Hijackers by Jim Edwards

How to Easily Increase Your Affiliate Commissions in Two Days or Less by Mark Joyner

Discover How Affiliates Earning $40,000+ Per Year Guarantee Their Success by Asking These “To-the-Point” Questions BEFORE Joining Any Affiliate Program! by Corey Rudl


Narrow Your Focus and Broaden Your Sales by Michael Fortin

Don’t be the Best…Be the First! by Michael Fortin

Build Your Business with Strong Brands – Not a Mountain of Cash by Daniel Janal Branding Goes to the Dogs by Daniel Janal

The Death of Positioning? by Mark Joyner

Closing Sales

3 Killer Secrets to Closing the Sale by Brian Tracy

How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions by Brian Tracy


The Secret Behind Million Dollar Ads by David Garfinkel

Why Some Ads Fail Miserably While Others Succeed Wonderfully by David Garfinkel

The Hypnotic Power of Confusion by Joe Vitale

The Story of the Hypnotic Writing Monkey by Joe Vitale

How to Trigger a Successful Sale Through the Power of Psychological Triggers by Joe Sugarman

I Almost Flunked English But Went On to Make Millions of Dollars Writing Sales Copyby Joe Sugarman

The Easiest Way to Write Anything by Joe Vitale

The E-Factor: Two Ways to Instantly Get More Back from Every Promotion by David Garfinkel

How to Instantly Double the Response of Any Ad, Letter, or Web Promotion by David Garfinkel

Killer Copy: Words That Are Like Magnets to Money by David Garfinkel

The 10 Laws for Writing Letters that Get Results by Joe Vitale

How to Hypnotize People into Reading Your Sales Materials! by Joe Vitale

How to Write a Million Dollar Sales Letter! by Joe Vitale

The Strange Story of the “Crackpot” Mail-Order Prophet (or) Five Things You Can Learn about Advertising from Dr. Frank B. Robinson by Joe Vitale

A Good Title is a Work of Genius by Yanik Silver

Sales Letter Secrets from the Man Who Sold Coal by the Train Carload by Yanik Silver

How to Use Testing for Breakthrough Marketing Results by Yanik Silver

An Analysis of a Winning Sales Letter by Yanik Silver

How to Skyrocket Your Sales and Crush Your Competition Even If They Sell the Same Thing You Do by Yanik Silver

How A Hidden Psychological Trigger Makes Prospects Practically Line Up And Beg to Do Business With You by Yanik Silver

7 Direct Mail Secrets Guaranteed to Create a Stampede of New Business by Yanik Silver

How to Create Powerful Offers that Drive Your Sales Through the Roof by Yanik Silver


Let’s Get One Thing Straight About Being A Published Author by Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel

The Top Seven Mistakes eBook Authors Make by Jim Edwards and
David Garfinkel

Why eBooks are the Most Overlooked Path to Online Prosperity by Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel


Loyal Readers or Subscribers? by Kate Schultz

3 Proven Ways to Make Your Newsletter Make Your Money Today by Mark Joyner

My 3 “Must Use” Secrets for Big Fat Subscriber Lists by Mark Joyner

Guerilla Marketing

What Do People Want Online?  It’s Not What You Think It Is by Jay Conrad Levinson

Guerilla Insights Into Direct Response by Jay Conrad Levinson

Seven Steps for Creating Successful Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

What is Guerilla Marketing? by Mark Joyner


How to Get What You Want From Anyone by…. Negotiating Without Giving Up One Red Cent of Your Hard-Earned Money! by Peter Wink

How to Protect Yourself from Rip-off Artists, Con-men, Frauds, and Unethical Negotiators by Peter Wink

Press Releases

What Would You Rather Be – Rich or Famous?  This is Not a Trick Question by Mark Joyner

How to Write Press Releases that Get Published by Paul Krupin

Ten Hot Tips for Using E-mail to Get News Coverage for Your Business by Paul Krupin

Search Engines

A Down and Dirty Guide to Search Engine Positioning by Mark Joyner

Learn the “How To’s” of Getting Your Web Site Listed in the Search Engines… and Secure the Top 10 Ranking You Need by Corey Rudl

Even More Tips for Getting a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking… and the Secret for Keeping Your Competitors from Stealing Your Spot! by Corey Rudl


Web Surfers Revolt Against “Pushy” AdvertisingJim Edwards

Untold Evils of Discussion Boards – Jim Edwards

Crying for Help Online by Jim Edwards

12 Steps to Creating a Business Online by Jim Edwards

The True Secret of Internet Success by David Garfinkel

How Often Should You E-mail Your List? by Joe Vitale

The Ten Web Page “Commandments” by Jim Edwards

Simple Survey Leads To Big Profits Online by Jim Edwards

Skyrocket Website Traffic with “OPT” by Jim Edwards

How to Prevent Online Identity Theft by Jim Edwards

3 Secrets to Striking It Rich Online by Jim Edwards

How to Guarantee Your Way to Greater Direct Marketing Success by David Garfinkel

Busting Online Copyright Thieves by Jim Edwards

Discover Hidden Profits in “Spare Change” Time by Jim Edwards

Discover a Master Wordsmith’s Secret for Turning Everything You Say Into Wealth, Well-Being
and Personal Success
by Ted Nicholas

How to Use Other People’s Money for Your Business by Matthew Lesko

Nothing is Secret Anymore! – The Confessions of a Millionaire Information Broker by Matthew Lesko

Warning: Your Email is Invisible by Mark Joyner

Why Test? by Mark Joyner

The Craziest Internet Business Idea in History by Mark Joyner

Revolutionary Change! Internet Marketing will Never be the Same Again by Mark Joyner

Start Your Own Internet Business With These Free Product Ideas, Yours For the Taking! by Corey Rudl

Traffic from FFA’s. Really. by Mark Joyner

Want to Sell a Service on the Web?… Want Hundreds of Leads Lined Up at Your Door?… Use These Simple Strategies to Easily Turn Challenges to Your Advantage and Outsell Your Competitors! by Corey Rudl

Easy-to-Do Automation for Techno-Phobic Web Site Owners Who Want to Stop Losing Valuable Time on Daily Chores and Start Increasing Sales by Corey Rudl

The Three Common Traits Shared by “Mom & Pop” Web Sites Earning $100,000 to $600,000 a Year by Corey Rudl

Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Incomes – Could This Be You? by Corey Rudl